App troubleshooting

I can't install the app - Make sure you have the latest software update on your phone and reinstall the Advent Storybook app again.

The app doesn't allow me to enter - Make sure you have the latest version of the app on your phone. Restart your phone and try again. 

The text on the app is cut off - If your text is cutting off at the edge it means the font size of your device is overwriting the app font size. Here are some links to change your phone settings.
iPhone X and XS
Samsung Galaxy 10

"Alert, it looks like you scanned the wrong code" - if you get this message on your device it means the QR scanner spotted another code, or multiple codes on the board that were previously opened. Move your phone away from the calendar board, click on "ok" until the notification disappears (you might need to do this a few times depending on how many codes the scanner spotted). Hold your phone over the correct day's code. It should open your story.


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