Who is @home+church? 
We are part of the Baptist Churches of NZ and provide resourcing for people who work with children and with families.

Do your products have branding on them?
We only use the @home or @church branding so that any group can use the resources.

Where are the products made?
Our products are made or sourced here in NZ, other than our Advent Trees which are made in China with trusted suppliers.

Who can buy from you?
Our products are available to anyone.

Why do you only send out goods once a week?
We work part-time so are only able send parcels once a week.

Shipping cost calculation
We have done our best to source the lowest possible courier service in New Zealand. Unfortunately some item’s shipping cost will be affected by the size of the item.

Is the Advent Story available anywhere besides on the app?
Our previous Advent Trees have been enjoyed by all family members, both young and old. This year’s decision to combine our traditional pop-and-slot tree with a technology based story has been an intentional one. The emerging generations live in a technology based world and for the church to reach them we need to keep up with the times. Youngsters are very familiar with the installation and use of apps and should be able to help the adults. We have chosen not to put an audio reading with the app-story to encourage parents and grandparents to read it together. Currently the story will only be available on the Storybook app. 


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