Utilising The Advent Story in your organisation

The Advent Story is designed to be used both as a discipleship tool and as a way of helping unchurched families to engage with the Christian Christmas story. Due to postage and packaging costs the product can only be purchased by churches/groups (not individuals). This also means the GST is able to be claimed back. Here are some ways that churches can utilise this year’s Advent Tree and Storybook.

Option 1
Gift them to families – we all love a gift at Christmas! 

Option 2
Buy the packs online and sell them at cost - $6.20.

Option 3
Sell them for a profit eg. buy for $6.20 and sell for $8/$10

Option 4
Ask families/church members to buy two and gift one (or both) to a community family or neighbour eg. 2 for $12

Option 5
Use them as a fundraiser and give the money to a local worthy cause.

Please note: All of our products are published under our @home brand and do not have any denominational branding.

Download images

Below we have provided some images you can use when advertising the product to your churches or organisations.


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