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The Advent Story is an exciting Christian resource designed in NZ for NZ families. Its purpose is to encourage families to have fun together and engage with the true story of Christmas over the 24 days of Advent (Dec 1 – 24).

Here’s how the product works:    

  • The Advent Story comes as an A3 flat pack. Included in the pack are the pop-and-slot Advent tree and a calendar board. The pack also includes instructions on how to download the free Advent Storybook app (see note below). The Advent Storybook is a 24 chapter story that retells the Christmas narrative as told in the Bible. The app has been designed so that the chapters are hidden, only being revealed one day at a time.     
  • The tree is assembled and placed on a dining room or coffee table, along with the calendar board. Each day of Advent a decoration is removed from the calendar and added to one of the slots on the tree. When the decoration has been removed a code will be revealed.       
  • The code is then scanned through the app to unlock the chapter for the day. The Advent Storybook was written by a NZ author and tells the story of Christmas through the eyes of a Grandmother and her grandson, Oliver.
    PLEASE NOTE: For 2020 this app is only available for Apple products. All other users will be able to access the story from our website. This is due to a change in the requirements for the Google Store for 2020 that we are unable to meet. For this reason we have lowered the price of this product from the 2019 price.  
  • At the end of Advent, the app allows families to take a photo of themselves and add it to the story, signifying that we are, still today, part of the story that began that first Christmas.

The Advent Story is designed to be used both as a discipleship tool and as a way of helping unchurched families to engage with the Christian Christmas story. 

NOTE - due to high postage costs we are unable to post this product outside NZ

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